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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:04 am 

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I have a 2012 3 ltr turbo dmax twin cab . my problem is when I drive along a dirt road and gently apply brakes the rear right side brake locks up like abs coming on. I have inspected cleaned and adjusted with no result. help to point me in the right direction. regards Steve.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:55 am 

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G'day sellsdmax
If just one side you need to ascertain if the ABS is somehow faulty OR the brake itself is faulty.
Since ABS should only operate when that wheel is suddenly rotating at a lesser speed than other side or front wheels:
I would disable the ABS, ie. remove it's power supply fuse and test the vehicle safely. If no lockup, then it may be the ABS system. You haven't mentioned the various related systems which are programmed into your vehicle, ie stability control ESC or Traction control TC. NOTE. Normal braking will be still possible with the ABS briefly disabled. If fault still there it has to be in the drum brake.

Does yours have 1 or 2 brake hoses to the rear axle. If only 1, then yours still has the earlier 3 channel system, where most if not all new models have 2 hoses and 4 channel ABS and ESC etc.

A Dmax has rear brakes which must be adjusted to within a fairly close tolerance to the drum. if not, the servo action of the leading shoe WILL continually wrap the shoes hard onto the drum in an uncontrolled manner after being initiated by slave cylinder movement.
You mentioned inspecting and adjusting but it is unclear exactly what you have done there.
If the shoes are contaminated by some substance, ie, a dust grabbing mix of brake fluid leak from slave may have contaminated the shoes and they really grab instead of gradually introducing friction with slave pressure/movement.

Did you look at the surface of the shoes and drums to check condition?
If all ok there.
Adjustment. Adjust them right up to firmly locking the wheel and then back off adjustment until wheel can be freely moved by hand and minimal dragging of shoes/drum. Then the shoes can't wrap on in an uncontrolled fashion. Adjustement by hand always brings the shoes closer to the drums and less initial pedal movement is/will then be noticed. If you have a long pedal movement then the rear brakes need adjusting. The OE adjusters sort of do the job but not really well.

Has the vehicle had the handbrake slightly on at any time and overheated the tightest drum? or had the hand brake applied very firmly immediately after sudden stop while drum was very hot? The drum may have warped. This can be roughly checked by wheel rotation while adjustment is being done. If heavy dragging and then free rotation happens during one turn, then it may be a warped or out of round drum causing the uncontrolled braking.
Hope you find it.

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