Turbo issues DMAX/MUX
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Author:  jay1770 [ Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Turbo issues DMAX/MUX

It has come to my attention that Isuzu may be experiencing some turbo issues with later model DMAX/MUX.

I recently took my 2017 DMAX in for it’s 40,000km service. The turbo had been noisy (sounded very much like a police siren - a real head turner in carparks) for approx 1,000km & was getting progressively worse.
Initially it was noisy only when cold & under throttle but would disappear as it warmed up. Just prior to replacement it was noisy constantly even under no throttle. It sounded to me very much like the bearing was shot. No fun at all to drive.

A local turbo specialist said they had seen a couple of MUX’s with turbo problems & when I picked up my DMAX after the turbo was replaced under warranty the service manager at my local dealer revealed mine was the sixth turbo they have had to replace. It appears Isuzu Ute Australia at some stage changed their turbo supplier (obviously got a cheaper unit price but ultimately with sub standard components). My guess is Isuzu Ute Australia would be urgently reviewing this commercial arrangement (if they haven’t already done so) as it is no doubt impacting on their brand which is heavily known for & promoted for its reliability.

That aside I’ve got nothing but great things to say about my DMAX. I love it, it’s awesome!!!!

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