Excessive Camber

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Re: Excessive Camber

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Danno wrote:
Team Ruff wrote:These are my wheel alignment figures. Got it done after installing a 50mm lift (2015 LSU) - no idea what the numbers mean though... :?:
There all pretty good for a 50mm lift, you have about 1/2 a degree negative camber which is to be expected, make sure you rotate your tyres though, the only curious part is the 1/2 deg neg on the r/h rear wheel, either the machines not been set up on the car correctly or you've clouted something, much more likely the former though I wouldn't worry about it.

Cheers Danno :)
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Re: Excessive Camber

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Hey fellas,

I have recently had my 14' x-runner(manual) lifted with an EFS elite 2inch kit.Had a bit of vibration from take off so fitted some CB spacers that has fixed that problem.Im now worried about excessive camber.Do any of you guys have a recommendation as to fixing this, ie; ball joint spacers or UCAs?.specific brands?.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Excessive Camber

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An EFS "ELITE" lift kit eh?
If it is from a recognised company they SHOULD know of any negative outcome from the fitment of their product. It SHOULD be engineered to avoid any such thing. If you are left with camber unable to be corrected to normal specs, then it is their problem to rectify. I believe in post 12 models a 50 mm lift can sometimes exceed the ability of the lower cam type camber/caster adjusters. It is a known problem and EFS should damned well know of it and discuss the possibility prior to purchase. That should be done so you know of any potential pitfalls. They caused it, make them fix it if it isn't right. I presume a wheel alignment was done after the fitting.
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