Strut/ Coil Spacer and Extended Shackle Kits

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Strut/ Coil Spacer and Extended Shackle Kits

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Hey everyone,

I'm on my second Dmax and I've truly fallen in love with this vehicle. While my first Dmax was solely built for off-roading, I'm taking a different approach with my current one. I'm aiming to turn it into what this generation calls a "Mall Crawler," and my plan involves lifting the ute from its current 2-inch lift kit.

I've been contemplating 4-5 inch lifts, but I'm hesitant when I consider the price. I've done some research into spacers and extended shackle kits. However, based on my prior knowledge, I'm aware of potential issues with not having aftermarket Upper Control Arms or steering dampeners.

This Dmax won't be tackling extreme off-road trails; at most, it'll see some soft beach driving. To keep costs down, I'm considering skipping additional suspension parts and just going with spacer kits alone.

I'm seeking recommendations or thoughts on whether I can get away with running a 4-inch lift with stock upper control arms, given that the vehicle will primarily be used for day-to-day driving. Alternatively, if anyone knows of cheaper alternatives to achieve a bit of extra lift, I'd love to hear about them.

Thanks in advance for your input!

The Car is a 2018 Dmax Dual Cab
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Re: Strut/ Coil Spacer and Extended Shackle Kits

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So, you want to make it illegal with modifications and unroadworthy too?
Coil spacers of any size dramatically reduce the droop pf suspension ability so your wheels leave the ground! Loss of control is then going to happen.
Raising it, it is already raised to max legal anyway but another 4" is going to make it top heavy and the CG way too high, expect a rollover if suddenly cornering.
2" takes the amount of correction adjustment of front end to the max so you won't have anything left to correct it if higher.
Front CV's will explode easily!
Extended shackles are illegal and look stupid to0. all it does is try to break off the chassis mounts for the shackles with maximized side stress.
None of what you want is going to help with beach driving.
You say you are aware of the issues but are you aware of the actual mechanical issues it will cause? seems not! The tailshaft angles of the unis is going to be ALL STUFFED UP and limit you to just a few KMH speed before the vibes and shudders begin.
This isn't the best way to learn about mechanical engineering.
So, unroadworthy, illegal mods, Uninsurable, and dangerous and unpredictable to drive, sounds exciting for sure.
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