Key In Ignition Beeper (FIXED !!)

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Re: Key In Ignition Beeper (FIXED !!)

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If you want to disconnect just the door beeper please dont pull the steering column or dash apart that's just dumb. On the inside of the door frame just below the door latch there is a button that tells the ute if the door is open or closed simply take out the one screw holding the button on and disconnect the plug behind it. Screw the button back on and done no more annoying door beeper. Easy as 2 minute job
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Re: Key In Ignition Beeper (FIXED !!)

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But wouldn't that mean the interior light will not come on?
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Re: Key In Ignition Beeper (FIXED !!)

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hi Guys,

Please use a little caution when making Electrical Mods.

Modern cars are not quite the same as the 1974 Datsun 180B you might have first had.

there, the major problem was parasitic drain from old wires and shorts in the tail light wiring.

today we, unfortunately, have to consider the sensitivity of computer circuits to transient surges, sparks and shorts.
So when you isolate a cicruit it is better to go to the closest hard point that is "Live" when activated. if you rely on disconnecting the grounding wire near the seats, you risk transient shorts. I'm not saying that won't work but it is not the correct way in respect of modern circuitry.

please yourselves but the mod behind the dash has the least risk of a surge. Your computers in a modern car, are ON all the time. Every time you get in and out even if you don't turn the key, you move things. behind the dash you don't move anything.

cheers all. I just don't like directive comments on here saying one persons way is shit. these are not old cars they are PC's and have to be treated that way. We only offer each other advice, but the responsibility lies with the person who owns the car so only put forward your views politely and respectfully, and have the training or background to know what the rules of good prescribed practice are, because you might just lead to stuffing someone else's $50 K. That's a big responsibility.
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Re: Key In Ignition Beeper (FIXED !!)

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given time
People would have to have been on another planet to NOT know vehicles today are different to a Datsun. Give them some credit please!
You just don't get parasitic drain from old wires or shorts in taillight circuits. A short in a tail light circuit is a "short" hardly parasitic drain. If shirted the fuse will blow. Parasitic is it? Which vehicle has a grounding wire near the seats? is it a specific vehicle you are meaning? Hardly a general situation at all. A grounding wire, ie to Neg, is made that way and not likely to cause a problem if it touches another neg zone. Can't determine what you mean there. Which "mod"behind the dash do you mean?????????
Getting in and out moves things does it? What things begin to move when you enter?

I love your last paragraph, it means what? and the nonsense of the post is not any help at all and possibly misleading. Advice should be grounded in fact and truth and experience and NEVER to mislead. What are you on about?
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Re: Key In Ignition Beeper (FIXED !!)

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Hi all
I just got a 2018 DMax. Thanks to everybody that gave me It was driving me crazy. I must have done it in my last DMax but I forgot how.
If it ain't broke, fix it til it is.
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Re: Key In Ignition Beeper (FIXED !!)

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Just did the mod for 'key in' and both seat belts and it works great.
Big thanks to 'Given Time' for his Tutorial
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