A/C drain pipe 2013 Dmax

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A/C drain pipe 2013 Dmax

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I have water in my passenger footwear and I'm trying to see if the A/C drain is clogged.

I can't for the life of me see where it is. Can anyone give an idiots guide or explaination?

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Re: A/C drain pipe 2013 Dmax

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G'day Dan
Because the condensation of the aircon evaporator, ie, evaporates the gas inside and cools, has to be got rid of. Between the fan motor, LHS, and the aircon evaporator unit in the system there is a small sump which drains through a rubber fitting/hose out through the firewall, low down on the LHS of the rear of the engine. It normally drains condensate during use and is from where most vehicles drop water if aircon is being used or has been used recently.
Look down low near the flywheel housing. If you have plastic tube which can be inserted into the drain hose, you should be able to blow air through it very easily. Sometimes in hot weather, wasps build nests in wonderful places. Could be that.
You may need to gently probe the tube to clear any obstruction.

Water in footwell might be leaking screen !
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Re: A/C drain pipe 2013 Dmax

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have you fed any wires through your firewall grommet?..I had a redarc brake controller installed and the cowboy who installed cut a massive hole in the grommet and when it rained my passenger footwell got wet!.
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