EGR Canopy issue


Re: EGR Canopy issue

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Re: EGR Canopy issue

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Recently bought a a new bt50 fitted with a EGR Canopy as an accessory
I have had the following issues
1. Back window rubbers not evenly fitted overhang
2. Back window not fitted in square
3. Not fitted to the tub evenly
4. Water leaks throughout canopy.

Upon inspection they found the canopy was not manufactured square found to be out 17-25mm in places

My concerns are that where was the quality control on manufacture and at end of production

Canopy bought as a genuine accessory still no quality control before and after fitting.

The to and through discussions between Mazda and EGR on who was going to accept responsibility

After much discussion the canopy is going to be replaced with a lead time of approximately 6weeks, it took only 2weeks from intitial order to pickup and fitting, another issue.

For new product classified as genuine accessory I believe this is unacceptable for a new product.

Advise before purchasing and taking delivery check fitting and finished product and to the seals.

Has anybody had any similar issues
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Re: EGR Canopy issue

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EGR are a major part and accessory manufacturer of “genuine” parts/accessories for many makes of vehicles. I have had good experiences with their gear.

When you say the canopy was out of square, how was that measured? On or off the vehicle? Who did the measuring? The dealer or EGR?

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Re: EGR Canopy issue

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"It's not unusual", ie, Tom Jones syndrome, for people to have problems with canopies. I bought a Flexiglass canopy a few years ago and found the sales hype and service did not match. Mine wicked water into the tub until a rep showed up and I had to show him how to cure the issue. They didn't seem to care. Bizarre to deal with and could only work their way and refused to take any notice of customer points of view. They even got Sh1tty because I supplied the wiring for the central locking and light and sealed tub corners to enable canopy fitment and sealing.
Is your tub actually, square and even, in the level of upper rim height above tub base/floor? Some Navara D22 had tubs were made out of square and around 18mm low on the LH front corner, so some checking of the Mazda might be in order. Some canopy fitting difficulties would be encountered I imagine. A canopy may be not made accurately and any anomaly in the tub will exacerbate the issue if two seemingly unrelated faults are compounding. I presume Mazda and Dmax tubs are same but made in different jigs in different places. That may cause a difference. If jigs are not same same. EGR will make to a pattern but if tubs differ then issues may arise.
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