Aftermarket catch can warranty issue

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Aftermarket catch can warranty issue

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Just thought I’d make all aware of a recent experience involving a ProVent 200 oil catch can affecting a warranty claim.
I recently took my 2017 DMAX in for it’s 40,000km service. The turbo had been noisy (sounded very much like a police siren - a real head turner in carparks) for approx 1,000km & was getting progressively worse. I knew it sounded rather amiss however due to a couple of operations I had to delay getting it looked at until it was being serviced.

On the day of service I received a call from the dealer to inform me there was an issue with the turbo & it would require a replacement (more on this issue in another post to come). Beauty it’s covered under warranty, no dramas get it done was my thinking right up until I received a follow up call. The service department at the local dealer said they had sent off photos of my engine bay to head office to get approval to replace under warranty but they had noticed the oil catch can & said warranty claim was being denied due to engine modifications.

What was to follow was a two week battle to convince Isuzu that an oil catch can had no impact on a turbo failure & that I was in no way going to accept anything but a replacement of the turbo under warranty.
At a time when all was lost I got in touch with the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association & received an email which I on forwarded to Isuzu. This helped get the faceless decision makers at Isuzu to change their tune. Should anyone have any similar warranty issues with a dealer please feel free to use a copy of part of the email following.

I have consulted my rights under Australian Consumer Law and it is my understanding that you cannot deny a warranty repair because of the fitment an aftermarket fit-for-purpose part by a certified independent mechanic. Beyond the dealership warranty I have guarantees under Australian Consumer Law that state any manufacturer fault must be repaired unless the fitment of the aftermarket product is proven by to have caused the issue I am seeking repaired under my warranty. I have consulted with the ACCC and registered this issue with them.
If you wish to seek to restrict a consumer’s freedom to choose who they use as a repairer, you should get legal advice on the prohibitions on ‘exclusive dealing’ found in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Exclusive dealing broadly involves a trader imposing restrictions on a person’s freedom to choose with whom, in what or where they deal.

Happy to say the turbo has subsequently been replaced under warranty.
Hope this helps fight the good fight.
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Re: Aftermarket catch can warranty issue

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good job jay1770, well done to ensure our consumer rights are honored.
Cheers Bob
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Re: Aftermarket catch can warranty issue

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Fight the power!!
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