Help: I can't read oil level from dipstick: Dmax 2015

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Re: Help: I can't read oil level from dipstick: Dmax 2015

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Not sure about the sump capacity of a 2.5 Dmax but 3 L Dmax volume is 7 and a bit. Early models had hanging down filters and approx 800ml capacity which altered the sump amount poured in after a change. Later models have various position filters which have smaller volume.. All change the dip level when and if the filter is retaining oil after a refill and start. Oil runs down hill and so anything residual in engine cavities will hold some. Not much. Cold oil will drain to sump quickly when stopped and cold so shortly after stopping there won't be much change. Hot oil will all be in the sump, bar a small amount, before you get the bonnet open, so 30 mins or 30 hrs isn't going to make any appreciable difference to level. Being anal about level is insignificant. As long as it is near the full or slightly over mark, don't worry. I always overfill mine a little because when you start, some volume is now not in the sump but is transient in the galleries and horizontal filter. If concerned about the different sides of stick reading, use a piece of flexible wire, as a test, held at same length as fill level of stick and place in down the tube to same depth. Then there are no sides to become confusing. Apart from oil temp on hot days or working hard, if the level is a bit high or a bit low is of no consequence and people anguish over correctness unduly.
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