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Re: Error Codes

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Will that cause the vehicle to be in limp mode when car is cold? and even after stopping and turning car off for 5 mins? I have a 2012 Isuzu D-max ( pre DPF) and the malfunction light has come on and stays on. I can warm car up and loads of smoke comes out. (no oil leaks) and once warms up I can drive it perfectly normally. Except as above if I stop for petrol or something it will often do the same thing again until it seems to clear out whatever is in it and goes again..... Thought ws DPF but y car doesnt have a DPF
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Re: Error Codes

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Do you have a code reader? I bought an OBD2 wireless scan tool when I bought the car because I'm worried something critical might happen in the bush. I know from previous experience that I sometimes can't get out of limp mode even after a problem is fixed without an ECM fault code reset.

Do you have any error codes ?
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Re: Error Codes

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You shouldn't be stopping for Petrol with a diesel vehicle. However, maybe the turbo seals are not good and it is ingesting oil from the turbo lubrication area, ie blue smoke. If it emits clouds of black smoke then insufficient air for fuel . Limp mode! A scan of codes should indicate some area requiring attention. If turbo vane ring is sticking in the non boost position and you try to accelerate then it might smoke because not enough air to meet fuel injected.
Is the smoke BLACK? Do you have a vacuum pipe leak, ie, split in any small dia hose from electric valves to turbo boost chamber? Worth a check.
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