repack / replace front bearing grease

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repack / replace front bearing grease

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Hi there i have the 2016 Isuzu Dmax 4 x 4 done 120000km and the front wheel bearings need the grease replace it has to be done every 30000km , has anyone missed this in the service schedule as very 30000km is a bit much ?
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Re: repack / replace front bearing grease

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30,000km? used to be 40,000km on earlier models. If sufficient quantity and quality of grease is used and even a dash of Nulon G70 the bearings will last much longer and using that method I do mine at longer intervals. Originally they don't have an over abundance of grease. The more important issue is, with sufficient grease in there, the adjustment may need to be attended to so no slack develops and causes bearing failure.

I used to have a Landcruiser HJ61 and used NULON grease, ie, Teflon grease, and at around 60 to 70 k I would check and replace the grease if needed. The vehicle did well over 200,000km on the same bearings and little adjustment was required. Some of the bearing slack develops because of the inner bearing cone, Which slowly rotates with use, wears the axle face ever so slightly, same happens on the inside face of adjuster plate, ie, groove develops. Over time, both cause some degree of bearing looseness which requires adjusting. The actual bearing faces don't change much at all. If they did they would fail.
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