Aux battery placement 2014 Isuzu DMAX

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Aux battery placement 2014 Isuzu DMAX

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has put the 2nd battery anywhere else other than tray in their dmax.. Tray takes up too much room.. Cheers
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Re: Aux battery placement 2014 Isuzu DMAX

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I have a 2013 DMax dual cab which is fitted with a set of drawers and a fridge slide. The fridge slide fits over the lid of the storage compartment behind the lefthand wheel arch making un-accessible, so I put the battery and a 12v to 12v charger in that space. When I need to access it I need to take the fridge slide out first.

I fitted a terminal block to the Anderson plug wiring to enable it to power to the 12v charger and the plug.
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Re: Aux battery placement 2014 Isuzu DMAX

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lots on this forum

site: 2nd second dual battery
is a good place to start
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Re: Aux battery placement 2014 Isuzu DMAX

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Strange name! Related to the Standard Motor Company?
Perhaps you should tell us if which you have, A Tray or a Tub. Big difference with adding an AUX battery. If tray as you mentioned, many people make a bracket and fit in under the tray floor. If a TUB, then the equation changes considerably. Depending on the AH size and the style of battery, ie, normal or thin AGM it will make the fitting quite different and a thin AGM will easily fit where a conventional/normal size dimension battery will be a nuisance. There are many options. I have a 105ah AGM in a ply box which is held there by strapping and to that I can add a 40 AH smaller AGM which is easily taken to run compressor or attached to trailer or caravan as required.
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Re: Aux battery placement 2014 Isuzu DMAX

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With a bit of work you can fit a 140AH AGM behind the rear seat - im in the process of doing this at the moment and will be updating my build thread with progress
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