Gauge mounting for 2021 Dmax

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Gauge mounting for 2021 Dmax

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Hi all,
I'm trying to find an ideal place to mount a gauge(s) in the new Dmax where it can be readily seen.....oil pressure/volts etc.
Anyone installed some yet?
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Re: Gauge mounting for 2021 Dmax

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Nice to have gauges but you have no control over the oil pressure and it has a warning light anyway. Seeing oil pressure all the time is a bit pointless and unless you are using poor quality oil which may thin more than others there is no everyday gain. A gauge will read Relief pressure when started and drop a little as oil thins, depending on RPM, ie, the quantity leaving the pump at any given time. Only benefit with a gauge is for an older Mitsubishi engine which had a drive chain, (which broke) and the pressure would Zero. Volts is handy, especially with modern stupid alternators which drop down their voltage while running. A small 3 digit voltmeter is very small and can be attached anywhere. It can be ON all the time and gives a true reading of volts of battery/charging system all the time.
With water temp , a gauge will read it via direct or electric sensor BUT if the water disappears it will drop in reading and you think all is OK while the engine cooks. Better to have a cylinder head TEMP sensor and, using a fully settable small digital temp gauge, with extended wiring, read the cylinder head temp as it DOES increase if cooling rate isn't sufficient or cooling is lost. Much safer. Search W1209 digital Thermometer, Ebay/Banggood $8. It will monitor the cylinder head temp via a two wire NTC sensor and also has a relay on circuit board so a small buzzer can be added to suddenly SOUND if the high set temp is reached. Anything which reads by having a probe in water ensures failure.
i have two digital voltmeters on a small thin aluminium bracket tucket into the side of the A pillar for alt voltage and AUX battery voltage. I gave up trying to fit 2" gauges designed in the 60's and suitable only for a dash which you could drill or cut holes in.
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