Blower fan won't turn off

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Blower fan won't turn off

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I have a 2013 Dmax, the blower motor continually runs even when I switch it off.
Any ideas?
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Re: Blower fan won't turn off

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Pull the fan relay out of the fuse box and open it. Has to be the contacts are welded together or similar. That is usually associated with the resistor LOW section burning out. It may be a bit fried. Main cause of relay overload and/or resistor burn is the fan motor bearings are dry or dust or rubbish is holding it from spinning, and retarding starting and increasing starting current. Usually for any part of the blower operation/faults, the fan motor has to be inspected and ensured to be able to spin freely, otherwise problems happen.

You may be able to substitute it for the rear window heater relay or other non essential relay to get you out of trouble.
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