Water separator

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Water separator

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Thinking about putting a water separator on my 2019 D Max, are they a good idea and if so what’s good and where’s the best place to put one.
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Re: Water separator

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The Isuzu already has a water separator and filter, but an additional one can be of benefit. I consider a 11 micron or LESS sized filter if you are serious about any PRE filtering it might be required to do. Many places will try and sell you a 30 micron sized filter which doesn't really do much in the scale of things and still allows the OE filter to be contaminated/loaded with particles. Most filters have a water bowl and the filter itself (should be) is designed to trap water which is absorbed within the fuel particles. The unseen water collects on the filter and eventually drops into the bowl, so it isn't just to capture gobs of obvious easily seen water. I use Donaldson system but there are others. Depending on which variant of Dmax you have the position to fit it may differ. Ultra cleanliness is required with the system.
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