Isuzu DMax MUX body & inner guard crack

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Re: Isuzu DMax MUX body & inner guard crack

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I've only just seen the MU-X crack on a Exploroz. Doesn't look good at all. Not sure I'd want my local dealer trying to fix that or how you would fix it.

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Re: Isuzu DMax MUX body & inner guard crack

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Got a photo of the crack you're worried about?
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Re: Isuzu DMax MUX body & inner guard crack

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I recently saw a Youtube video, don't normally bother, but seeing it was specifically MUX and Dmax related, the bloke, showed the replacement of the small diameter Isuzu front body mounts significantly larger ones from a Colorado. His claim is the Isuzu front mounts become sagged/compressed and don't hold the body in line with the chassis and allows the weight of the front body section to drag on the inner guards and crack them. Strangely, I agree with him, and it is almost the same as info I posted, where IF the front mount bolts were loosened as a checking procedure, the body mount flat area would be above the upper surface of the mount and show a clear need for alignment or in fact, a thicker more capable mount above the chassis bracket, ie, The GM variety. Not hard to check and see if the OE mounts are cracking or not holding the body UP where it should be. Any lack of support WILL stress body panels.
I don't agree with his claim the bullbar may be hitting the body panels through lack of clearance, ie, poor fitting, as that would be forcing the body upward and the cracks would be happening in the reverse direction if that was the cause.

PS. I haven't looked at a new model mounts but would be interested to hear of anyone who has one and observed the front mounts and their size/dia and difference to the ones which crack panels. The OE ones on those are a piddly size unit.
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