Fitting OEM bullbar

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Fitting OEM bullbar

Post by AdamR »

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. I have a 2012 newer shape DMAX and a MUX in the family.

I was lucky enough to score a free OEM bullbar to match my vehicle but the mounting kit is missing a few bolts.

I'm hoping someone with the same bar fitted could post a few photos of the mounting points so I can work out what I'm missing. I've contacted isuzu but they can only provide instructions for a 2017 onwards which mounts differently.

Cheers in advance if anyone can assist.

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Re: Fitting OEM bullbar

Post by mydmax »

Can't you see the number and size of holes in the BB bracketry and the matching points on the chassis? If you can, you will immediately known the number, size and lengths required. Has to be fairly easy. When assessing that is you can option up the washer annulus size and thickness for greater clamping ability of then bolts. You need suitable strength bolts, not mild steel.
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