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Isuzu 2016 A/C Problem

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 2:27 pm
by Robertatsaenth
Hi everyone,
First let me say. I am posting this only for the feed back and to inform people.
My Vehicle is an Isuzu D-Max Space Cab 4X4 2016 Model Diesel I have had it since new.
I was wondering if anyone has had this same problem. If not maybe you should get it checked before you do.

My A/C has never really been that cold but whilst away on a trip through the Top End of Australia and back, it ceased operation all together. I did get it re gassed whilst away but it only lasted a couple of days. The "Technician" at the garage where I had it re gassed was unable offer an explanation as to a reason for this problem but as the A/C was cold again he did not seem enthusiastic about trying to discover the cause either.

I decided to get it checked upon my return to Adelaide, not by the dealer but by Auto A/C Specialists, as I felt some damage may possibly have occurred from the road conditions on my journey.

Upon my description of the problem when I was speaking to them, their first question was "had I noticed an unusual smell in the cabin when I got into the vehicle after it had been closed up for the night or when I engaged the air conditioner?" my answer was "yes", from the look I saw on their faces I was of the impression they had possibly heard this before, although they did not confirm to me their thoughts at this time.

They went through their testing procedure which entailed putting some hydrogen gas into the system and using a gas sniffer, they checked all of the outside A/C components with no result, but the moment they opened the cabin door to check inside the vehicle it started to beep, and when it was placed against the air vents it screamed continuously, confirming the Evaporator was cracked and was releasing the gas into the cabin. After they confirmed what was the issue, the relayed to me I was not the first person they had come to them with this problem.

They have told me it is no use replacing the evaporator, for the evaporator is not the cause, but the "victim of the cause" and the problem will occur again should they do so without some necessary modifications. The cause of the problem is a design issue with the return line of the A/C to the compressor currently not having a way to offset the transmission of Engine movement and vibration when in operation into the Evaporator.

There are two possible fixes preventing this problem, but I feel Isuzu may need to get involved.
1) Extending the return line rubber hose section, thus shortening the metal pipe section of this line.
2) Fixing and installing a Firewall Bracket to the line.

I now wonder how many people including myself have been or are inhaling refrigerant gas from this issue, as it does take some period of time for all of the gas in the system to expel in this way (depending on the severity of the cracking). Hopefully no health issues down the track). Remember refrigerant gas is mostly odourless and harmful to your health if inhaled in large doses or over a period of time in an an enclosed area.
For information concerning refrigerant poisoning ... p#symptoms

Please let me know your thoughts.

Re: Isuzu 2016 A/C Problem

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2019 6:49 am
by Tink
Yep, have read of a number of similar evaporator issues. If under warranty, IUA have been replacing them with an upgraded unit. It requires the whole dash to be removed. Have seen photos of the process, pretty big job.


Re: Isuzu 2016 A/C Problem

Posted: Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:38 pm
by towtug
Hi just to confirm. Mine is a 09/16 Dmax does your a/c connection under the bonnet look like this
Thanks Joe

Looking at the firewall it looks like a very solid mount and hard to believe it would crack inside the cab. The under bonnet rubber pipes look more of a likely culprit. Maybe faulty engine mounts?

Re: Isuzu 2016 A/C Problem

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:57 pm
by Robertatsaenth
Sorry I have been away and have not been able to respond. Yes that is what mine looks like.
As I said the issue is because it so long up to the rubber pipe that there is too much movement and vibration on that section.
I am having mine replaced by IUA with an upgraded evaporator under warranty. Information as to what they are doing to it has been very minimal. I will let you know what has been done when it is returned to me. So far they have had the vehicle for nearly 2 weeks no word yet as to when it will be returned.

Re: Isuzu 2016 A/C Problem

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 7:26 am
by towtug
Thanks for the reply Two weeks maybe they have to rewire it back to the transformer in your suburb.
Please keep us posted with any pics
Thanks Joe

Re: Isuzu 2016 A/C Problem

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:22 am
by freezy11
Had my whole air con condenser replaced under warranty, 2016 model.
Took 6 weeks to get the part it, in the middle of summer.