Increase in fuel consumption

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Increase in fuel consumption

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Recently noticed fuel consumption increasing from 10 km/ per litre drop to 8.8 km/ lt since increasing tyre size to 31 inch and lot of city driving not regular highway use to clear the DPF . I would think the increase in tyre size and lack of highway driving be causing the increase . Model is a 2019 -DMax
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Re: Increase in fuel consumption

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Your assumptions are correct

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Re: Increase in fuel consumption

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Hi ChippA

How did you notice that? Do you keep fuel records on a spreadsheet, or by the dashboard display?

Are you using actual km, or your odometer?

Did you correct your km for extra tyre size?

If your tyre size goes up by, say, 20%, you'll do 20% more distance, but your odometer will not report that, but you'll use fuel for the greater distance.

Adelaide to Tailem Bend 100km, uses fuel for 100km.
New tyres, Tailem Bend hasn't got any closer, but the odo reports it being 83km. But still uses around 100km worth of fuel.

And there's some engine speed / torque / fuel consumption stuff that's complicated, but will on average be worse.

And you'll get booked for speeding if you're going by your speedo.
If it ain't broke, fix it til it is.
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