The tip closed?

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The tip closed?

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According to this ... 26uA%3D%3D they maybe closing off access to the tip, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bluff to get the Government to fix the amenities rather than use some of the extortion money they make out of the ferry.

I get it though because the amount of unburied shit and shit tickets we encountered on our last trip around OZ put a big dampener on the whole thing, especially with a 4yr old who likes to explore, you virtually couldn't leave a campsite without treading in shit. Anyone who has been on a long (or short) trip recently will know what I'm talking about although with less backpackers around and closed borders it might have improved for now. How hard is it to take a bloody shovel and a lighter?
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Re: The tip closed?

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How hard is it to take ... a lighter?

That's a vexed point, burning toilet paper.

A friend who wants to remain nameless (Lisa) had read the instructions - burn the toilet paper and bury the poo. So on a 40 degrees day with a strong wind, and on a rocky area with no soil, she found a bit of a hole, did a poo, burned the toilet paper, and looked around for a bit of soil to cover the poo. No soil. But lots of dry leaves, just as good as soil. No surprise, started a fire. Very embarrasing, as well as illegal and dangerous.

I always say bury the lot, and don't start a fire.

And yes, I agree. The Coorong is bloody disgusting with picnic tables and view spots surrounded by shit & paper. Not backpackers, people in cars.

The website mentions graffiti too. Around my way there is rock art 1000's of years old, with new Black & Decker additions, alterations & thefts. If I was the traditional owners I'd be closing it down too.
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