New CV movement

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Re: New CV movement

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Agree with your comments.

It is very disappointing that I had to do the chasing for this issue. Thanks for your comments along the way.

The mechanic should have noted the CVs were loose, should have noted they were not turning freely at full travel extents, and should have put them in correctly in the first place (missing dust seals and no shims, really?).

This is bloody annoying, as I have used them for years - but just for servicing not anything major needing repair (there are advantages to buying new as you usually don't get massive issues for years).

Will now be looking for new mechanic to do work, as I have lost faith.

As part of the process (just before it was fixed up), I took the car to 2 other mechanics (family member in-laws - one retired and one living too far away to do the work) due to the dispute, and both picked the movement and missing dust covers straight off by lying on the ground and hanging onto the shafts, and both reckoned the same thing). It did irritate me to ask for free advice from one who could have done the work, but that is what family is for?

The issue with the bearings (described by lay persons such as me) seems a row between the supplier and the mechanic - the supplier is claiming he should have been told about the lift, and is now not my problem.

I think they are both just looking to make themselves come out of this without looking silly.

It is pretty obvious that if you are only changing resting height of the car your are not changing the travel extents of the joint, just the angle it usually operates at.

Until next time...
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