Low range, but disable 4WD?

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Re: Low range, but disable 4WD?

Post by freezy11 »

AVM free wheeling hubs. Be around $250-300 fitted at a 4wd shop like tjm or arb.
I use my car in low range with the hubs unlocked all the time.
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Re: Low range, but disable 4WD?

Post by mimmo_gsr »

This is how it was done in my PJ Ranger, should be a similar concept in the DMax;
Ranger/BT50 Mod to get Low Range 2WD.
Ok this is the Mod I have one to my Ranger so has to use Low range 2 wheel drive for backing a caravan etc.

there's 2 relay's under the bonnet on the left side of the brake booster. 1 plug is black=free solenoid and the other plug is Blue=Lock solenoid.

I did the following mod.
#1-Cut the red wire back about 100mm from the blue plug.
#2- Run a length of 3mm twin core wire from driver side foot well into engine compartment.
#3- place shrink wrap over the wires before soldeing each end of cut Red wire to one of each of the twin core wires, and then cover the soldered joins after soldering with the shrink wrap.
#4-Using a Narva rocker switch #63020BL with amber LED, run an earth wire to ground the switch and run the twin core wires to the switch Power & Acc poles.
#5- To Test. Start the Ute. The Led on Rocker switch will light up if it is in the On position.
Move the 4WD lever to 4WD, the Rocker switch Led will turn OFF.
Move forward to engage RFW (Remote Free Wheel hubs) and the RFW light on the dash will light up.
This will give you 4 wheel drive.
Now move the 4WD lever back to 2WD and disengage the RFW switch so the dash light goes out.

To Select 2WD Low Range.
Turn the Rocker switch OFF (LED OFF).
Move 4WD lever to Low Range and move the ute forwards, the RFW light will not come ON. This will give you 2 Wheel Drive Low Range.
When you reselect 2WD High Range, turn the rocker switch back on. This will sometimes bring the RFW light on so just push the RFW button again to turn it OFF.

Would just be a matter of finding the appropriate relays in the DMax and going from there.
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Re: Low range, but disable 4WD?

Post by DiscoSteve »

so forgive me for being thick - how do free-wheel-hubs work - I assume they disconnect the front wheels from the half-shafts so that drive doesn't make it to them - but how does all the power get to the back end when there's nothing to stop the front drivetrain from spinning wildly - or is it the fact that there is no centre diff (is that right?) means that this won't matter as the standard drivetrain setup on the DMAX guarantees that equal drive is distributed to the front and rear diffs as they are logically connected by a single logical prop shaft running the length of the vehicle

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Re: Low range, but disable 4WD?

Post by garrytre »

mimmo_gsr wrote:This is how it was done in my PJ Ranger, should be a similar concept in the DMax;
Thanks for that, it's the kind of thing I was after.
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Re: Low range, but disable 4WD?

Post by eehgil »

Have anyone tried doing this modification? I am considering a pick up. And the option to have 2wd low range is a must for me. As far as i know Hilux 7. gen (up to ~2015) is the only pick up I have found where people confirm this is tried and tested.
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Re: Low range, but disable 4WD?

Post by Mike C »

I considered it but I was concerned about unexpected interactions with the vehicle control system, so I fitted Aisin hubs.
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Re: Low range, but disable 4WD?

Post by mydmax »

Disco Steve.
The Dmax can be fitted with FWhubs and that allows slow speed maneouvering in LOW4, now actually LOW 2 without any driveline wind up. To have 4WD the FWhubs have to be locked in of course. There is NO centre diff as in range rovers and other full time brands of 4wd systems. The PJ Ranger mentioned above allows the SOTF unit NOT to engage the lock sleeve so, 2WD is attained and no driveline windup. The Dmax most likely cannot be intercepted by wiring mods because the change controller checks the movement of the SOTF unit and it's state of position. Maybe it can be done but I didn't try it after examining the wiring diagram. I also use Aisin Free Wheel hubs off an Aussie Jackeroo, called Trooper elsewhere, and they have worked ok. Because I use a caravan and trailers, sometimes into tight spots and 3, 4, 5, point turns with van sometimes, the unlocked hubs allow it to all work. IF I need to, I can engage the FWhubs and have 4wd if needed for a mostly straight line extraction of the trailer, ie, dragging up from over the edge of a narrow road.
I don't like the front diff Crownwheel stopped as it is until 4wd selected, and it's diff centre internals always spinning and the opposite side gear in the diff housing running same speed backwards as the driven/driving wheel is going forward and the drive shafts always turning and running the CV's and boots. When 4WD is asked for the system has to speed up the front shaft, from STOPPED to same as rear shaft and make the diff crownwheel begin to turn in travel direction. When at same speed as rear diff CW, only then can the SOTF system engage the disconnected shaft and the rearward spinning side gear in the front diff is now rotating at the same as it's mate.
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