chromoly cv/Axles

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Re: chromoly cv/Axles

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has anyone got any factual evidence between Isuzu and Holden CV's?

gotta order a pair after I just broke an outer CV joint.

anyone with trader hook ups in SEQ?
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Re: chromoly cv/Axles

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If it is only the joint trunnion and CV bell affected/damaged then those are the only parts you need apart from a new Boot and grease.
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Re: chromoly cv/Axles

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The price difference was only 70$ more for complete shaft than just the outer CV . That was for genuine Isuzu
Lot quicker , to change the whole thing ,and less labour cost , unless you are doing yourself , probably still not worth the trouble
I looked into a Colorado CV the computer at the Holden dealer didn't show any shims or a circlip , so I didn't get one , or ask price
Bursons have different part numbers for Isuzu and Colorado CV's ,
The local authorised Isuzu truck joint would sell me a genuine CV about $200 lest than the Ute dealer
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