Part compatibility DMAX/COLORADO


Re: Part compatibility DMAX/COLORADO

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mustangdude wrote:Hey Danno, can you elaborate on the differences with regards to the canopies? I have a 2012+ Dmax and would like to know how difficult the holden one is to modify.
I'm also interested in whether the various brands of canopies are interchangeable. Could help to know this if buying 2nd hand.

I just ordered an EGR flat alloy lid which fits either Colorado or DMax 2012+ space cab so the tub top dimensions must match. Ridiculously cheap too: ... EBIDX%3AIT
or ... SwhQhYy3mN

Re: Part compatibility DMAX/COLORADO

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I fitted an ARB canopy to my 2015 Colorado, sticker on the inside states that it fits Colorado/D-Max.
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Re: Part compatibility DMAX/COLORADO

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Anything that fits an RG Colorado will fit a DMax, the difference is so minor it's not worth trying to explain, the tubs do not come out of the same tooling however but my Grandmother could make the change needed on the centre brackets....if she noticed in the first place it's more of an annoyance than anything else.
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Re: Part compatibility DMAX/COLORADO

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What about snorkels?
I have seen a TJM RG Colorado snorkel for sale on FB and TJM said it won't fit 2012+ Dmax? I thought the front side guards were pretty much the same. Im aware that the inner guard pipe may not fit the airbox. But the Colorado one is alot more slicker look than the bulky Dmax version. And happy to customize the inner guard pipe to fit the Dmax airbox. Just really want to know if it would fit the outer guard?
Mux also has a smaller teardrop snorkel but haven't seen one fitted to Dmax. Again they said it isn't compatible but They must be the same for Sure? Aren't the Mux and the Dmax the same body on the front end?
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Re: Part compatibility DMAX/COLORADO

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It should fit the outer and iner panels but they are two completely different motors, Colorado being 2.8L and D-Max is 3L.
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