EGR Canopies support - awesome

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EGR Canopies support - awesome

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Thought I'd share what I reckon is awesome service from EGR Canopies in Queensland.

My D-Max has the factory fibreglass canopy, and is actually Australian made by EGR.

Returning from an interstate trip, I opened up my canopy to find one of the brackets that holds the internal brace had broken off completely, and the other was bent.

I hadn't been carrying anything on the roof bars.



Suspect it was simply fatigue cracking after 4 years? Don't know.

I sent their customer service a quick email on New Years Eve asking where I could buy a pair from.

They replied to this email yesterday, apologising for the delay in replying (I didn't think there was a delay, lots of business closed up over Xmas/New year and re-opened on 9 Jan). Asked me for an address to send a pair to.

This morning the doorbell rang just after 9am, it was StarTrack with a priority, overnight package for me. The brackets!

I do notice they have changed the design - my 4yo brackets were a kind of pressed sheet metal type material. The new ones are very thick and strong steel, and you can feel the weight difference. There's no way they will fatigue crack! So perhaps this is a known fault with them? Dunno.

But the fact that they just sent me a pair, no fuss, no questions asked - all at no cost to me - that is exemplary service in my eyes that should be acknowledged.
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Re: EGR Canopies support - awesome

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Can you give me the contact details you used as i have been trying to contact them to get new seals and have had no replies at all, thanks.
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