LS-U and Clearview Mirrors

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LS-U and Clearview Mirrors

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Hi again, having settled on a LS-U Dual Cab rather than the Space Cab I now have a question.

Has anyone fitted Clearview Mirrors to their LS-U?

I am concerned about the wiring plug & whether it will fit without modification?

I realise that there is no Electric Fold option with the Clearview.

I find it doubtful there would be a different wiring loom for the mirrors between the LS-U and other models that don't have this accessory.

I contacted Clearview & they suggest cutting & splicing wires or they will supply plugs @ $20 each + $11 postage. :o

The reason for my request is I am planning to only fit the Clearview when going on a van trip & re-fitting the stock mirrors on return as it is only a 10 minute job to change-over.

Does anyone have 1st hand experience?

Thanks Neil
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Re: LS-U and Clearview Mirrors

Post by mydmax »

I have a mirror from a Hyundai car and have looked at the wiring on my 2011 model Dmax. For the mirror function it is only three wires of the 7 in the DMax plug you have to connect to and to splicing into the loom is a reasonable thing to do. Easy and you can fit small connectors anyway. The current involved is small and so petite connectors will allow easy removal as needed.
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Re: LS-U and Clearview Mirrors

Post by Just_Misplaced »

Hi just to let you know that the LSU clear view mirrors are just a straight swap and takes about 30-40 minutes all up but you do not have the fold in option any more
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