Body Lifts For 2017+ Dmaxs

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Body Lifts For 2017+ Dmaxs

Post by CroppysDmax »

Hey lads

Just ordered a 2' Body Lift For my LS-U HI-RIDE 2018 DoubleCab

Just wondering if anyone has had issues anyone installed a 2' body lift and has photos?

i know for Pre-2017 you need
-Gear Box Spacer
-Steering Extension

cheers in advance :mrgreen:
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Re: Body Lifts For 2017+ Dmaxs

Post by mydmax »

Is there a sound reason to body lift it. Only if huge tyres unroadworthy sized tyres are to be fitted I would have thought.
Just raises the centre of gravity which I would not like and doesn't increase ground clearance.. If a bulbar fitted then there is a 50mm gap, Hmmm.

Raising the suspension/ride height I can follow more easily.
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