New to Dmax after 20 years of cruiser.

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New to Dmax after 20 years of cruiser.

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Gday, new to forum. I recently bought a 2019 SX D-Max dual cab and I'm in the process of fitting it out to my liking.

Owned a 75 series cruiser ute for 20 years and travelled the continent in it. Old girl is for sale along with the 105 series wagon I have.
The Mrs needed a cheaper to run daily drive so with her little car and my Dmax as the family camper/ute we don't need the cruisers.

About all I have left to do to the Dmax to get it where I want is a snorkel, side steps and rails and the biggie.......suspension. The stock suspension is $hite! sagged to hell.
Going to trawl the forum and see what I learn. no doubt I'll have some questions to ask you lot.

Happy 4x4ing,
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