Does a Trailblazer count?

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Does a Trailblazer count?

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Hi folks, I drive a MY19 Trailblazer - cousin of the MUX, and rebadged Colorado7.
My first 4x4 when living out west of Alice in the 70s was a Nissan Patrol but it suffered metal fatigue on bush roads. Firewall dropped half an inch. Front diff housing had a porous casting. It cracked open and leaked oil. I then switched to a Daihatsu 4X4 ute. It was slow on bitumen roads but the best 4x4 I had out bush. Because it was a small cab I replaced it with a Hilux twin cab because a family had arrived. Good in the bush but dangerous on the highway. With the family on board the 2.2ltr diesel was gutless and unable to pass road trains without a tail wind and a downward slope. So I later traded that for a Troupie (the first model). It was great but the battery used to boil in the heat so they fitted a vent under warranty (it became standard). The exhaust manifold cracked as well - driving on wet roads with water splashing up. Replaced with a two piece unit with an asbestos ring to seal the joint. I also took out the front springs and reset them myself. I also came across an discarded HJ45 rotting in the bush. So I did that up. It went well as a second car = great for firewood getting and knocking about.
Moved to town and sold the Troupie and the HJ45 for a VL Commodore (second hand) - fitted a v8 radiator because of known head cracking issues in the heat (Nissan motor). I've had other vehicles - all Toyotas.

Now I've taken a risk and purchased a Trailbazer. (My RAV4 was getting old). Trim quality is not up to Toyota standards. Not much internal storage either. I've pulled the back seats out. A number of annoying rattles behind the dash. There has been door rattles which are quietened by a clenched fist and a whack. Besides that, I am very happy with the power and the way it handles on dirt road. It is very quiet at speed on the highway. Some the features are over engineered and more complicated than they need be. On the whole I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

EDIT: I'm sure most on the forum know this, but the Trailblazer is the current version of the Colorado7 - both cousins to the M-UX.
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Re: Does a Trailblazer count?

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Welcome to the forum. You have an interesting history. Not much activity on here lately but lots of valuable knowledge if you search.

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